Why Choose Career Related Training

Career Related Training: Directing your children to the right school to complete their education and continue their higher education or career is an extremely important decision.

Will school give your child the skills and education that will prepare them for a world that is changing at a rate never seen before?

The different sectors and career paths are developing faster than the university degrees that prepare our students. Many students complete a three or four year degree and find that the qualifications they have acquired are no longer relevant to their dream job. They are then forced to seek other qualifications or do low or unpaid internships to acquire the required experience.

For better or worse, the traditional route of going to college hoping to secure a job for life just doesn’t work for the majority of graduates. Likewise, companies looking for new hires and potential leaders don’t look for the candidate who came out on top of their class and got the best marks. Rather, they look for people who are open to the world, creative and flexible, who embrace change and seek dynamic solutions rather than trying to apply outdated and inappropriate theories.

There are many misconceptions about career related education. When I was in high school in the United States, there were options for students who struggled with schoolwork. These were courses such as woodworking or metalworking, which were primarily aimed at preparing students for manual jobs. Little or no emphasis was placed on developing personal skills or preparing for the world, or preparing for the bigger issues they would face after graduation. These courses certainly did not allow them to enter college or to build a career beyond the skills taught.

If we move quickly through the last ten years, you will find that career-related programs have, in many ways, exceeded what is available in a more traditional academic environment. Leading this shift is the Baccalaureate international® (IB) Career Related Program (IBCP). The IBCP allows you to follow more specific courses adapted to the needs and passions of each student. Combining academic courses from their degree with career-related studies allows for academic progression while developing the skills and personal qualities required in a modern world. This personalized approach to education enables greater engagement of students and their teachers.

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About Montreux International School we are a fully IBCP school. This means that we have created two specific career-related study tracks.

Our teachers and faculty come from the sectors they teach; our guest speakers also come from companies that operate locally and internationally, giving our students a real insight into what to expect later in life.

The first of our two career-related studies (CRS) focuses on the hospitality industry, and is taught by professors from our partners in the Swiss Education group as well as full-time MIS staff. This CRS has been specially associated with the DP Business Management course to enable students to learn theory and academic skills and then apply them to what is taught in their host subjects through projects for real customers. This course allows advanced entry of up to one year to any higher education institution in the Swiss Education group, which is among the top ten hotel schools in the world.

The second CRS specializes in commerce with digital marketing. It has been combined with the DP Psychology to provide our students with a better understanding of human behavior, which can then be applied to their approaches to marketing. These two streams also include language and literature courses, as well as a modern foreign language, and offer the possibility of completing internships at the end of their studies to give them the real world experience that employers are looking for and universities.

This combination of world-ready learning and the academic integrity of IB Diploma courses sets our students apart. However, what really helps your child grow into a confident young adult is the IBCP Core Program. The Personal and Professional Skills Program helps our students identify their strengths and develop academic and professional skills. The service learning course helps students identify international or local issues and design their own innovative solutions to actively help others within the community. Language development encourages the application of the language in the local environment and beyond, and finally.

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Vocational education is not just about getting a job after graduation. Modern career-related education is co-constructed for our future leaders; she is internationally oriented, determined and ready to face the world. This is the opportunity to really explore the direction they want to take. It could be going to college, starting your own business, working in the hospitality industry internationally, or delving into digital marketing. Whatever the next step in their journey, our graduates are ready for the world.

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