Recruiting New Employees Made Easier with Remote Hiring System

The process of recruiting new employees usually requires considerable time, effort, and cost. However, technological advances allow companies to be more efficient when recruiting employees. One of them is by doing remote hiring.


The majority of corporate and startup companies are now prioritizing remote hiring, especially since the pandemic hit the world. The implementation must be done carefully so that the company can get potential employees.


Know the Definition of Remote Hiring

Remote hiring is the process of recruiting new employees remotely without having to meet face-to-face. Careful preparation makes the remote recruitment process no less qualified than conventional recruitment.


In fact, it is not impossible if the company can hire employees from outside the city or abroad with adequate competence according to the company’s needs.


Several Stages in the Remote Recruitment Process

The stages that the recruitment team and employee candidates must go through in the remote hiring process are as follows:


The recruiter team prepares job vacancies with job descriptions and complete information on remuneration. This initial process is important to screen employees so that prospective job applicants who feel that they do not match the job description can give up their intentions.

Furthermore, the job posted on the website of the company, a job portal online, and social media. Do not forget to provide information about the deadline for job applications.

The company began to build engagement with employee candidates who passed the initial qualifications. In this process, companies can start contacting employees to conduct short interviews via telephone or video calls.

The selection process for employee candidates can also be continued through tests related to job descriptions, for example asking employee candidates to make certain designs for the position of graphic designer. This remote hiring stage is important to determine employee competence. So companies can choose employee candidates more selectively.

If the company has made a decision, then the company can prepare an employment contract and show it to prospective employees before signing it.

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Benefits of Remote Hiring for Companies

Some of the benefits that companies can get when doing remote hiring are as follows:


Access the talent pool more broadly because it can look for employee candidates from outside the region and abroad.

Prioritizing employee candidates who are proficient in using technology so that they quickly adapt to company conditions.

Save recruitment time so that selected employee candidates can directly contribute to the company.

Support increasing employee productivity. Based on research conducted by CoSo Cloud, 77% of employees feel more productive when carrying out work from home routines ( work from home or WFH).

The implementation of effective online employee recruitment will support the company’s progress to the fullest. Hopefully those of you who are looking for work are candidates who are able to highlight their potential while undergoing the modern recruitment stages.

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