Learn to Work as a Digital Affiliate with 11 Tips

Learn 3 steps and 11 tips to earn money as an affiliate in this innovative marketplace!

Learning how to earn money as an Affiliate is one of your goals for this year? Well, it is an excellent idea. You know? According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index study, the consumption of content and videos on the Internet will grow by 34% until 2022.

In that wave, it is very likely that the Affiliate programs are surfing on the crest of the wave. But enough of puns, let’s get to the facts. Or better, to history.

The digital business model that we see today has Affiliate Marketing at its pillars. In this new marketing format, the producer offers commissions to other people to promote it and indicate new clients.

Of course, without efficient systems, controlling such indications was one of the biggest challenges in Affiliate Marketing. However, companies such as PC Flores y Presents, in 1989, and Amazon, in 1996, with its Associates program, saw more advantages than problems in that model and invested in the idea.


Since then, other frameworks and businesses made history in Affiliate Marketing:

1998: launch of the first Affiliate networks : Commission Junction and Clickbank, which, in addition to being more accessible to smaller e-commerce stores, also offered payment methods that facilitated commercial transactions between merchants and their Affiliates;

2000: The Federal Trade Commission of the United Kingdom established some rules and guidelines for the market;

2008: it was the time for the US to enact laws for the sector, such as the Nexus Taxes and product disclosure guidelines;

2010: the Alpha version of Hotmart was born ;

2017: Hotmart became the largest network of digital Affiliates in Latin America, in addition, of course, to having solved various pain points and needs of digital producers and their disseminators.

This story continues to evolve as improvements are promoted focusing on the three main protagonists of Affiliate Marketing: buyers, digital producers and Affiliates.

That is, in a market that is growing and aligned with our society and with the increasingly virtual corporate world, thirsty for good quality information, memorable learning experiences and opportunities for digital entrepreneurship.

Did you imagine that your claim to study more about Affiliate Marketing would have so many historical and statistical contours that validate your choice?

Well believe me, it has a lot more. And, in this post, we tell you everything you need to know to understand how to earn money as a digital Affiliate. Check it!

Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate program

It is a program based on Affiliate marketing whose objective is to use the influence and the power of publicity of people to promote specific products and services.

Of course, the conversion of the sale pays a commission for whoever facilitated it.


Involved in the Affiliate program

The program unites three important points: the digital producer, the Affiliate and the consumer.


Digital producer

He is the one who has knowledge that he would like to transmit and be paid for it. But you don’t always want to make investments for outreach and marketing, but rather spend your time producing content, for example.



It is the self-employed professional, entrepreneur or only interested in developing a main or alternative source of income, taking advantage of their connections or knowledge about marketing and distribution.

In reality, with the solutions offered in the market, these characteristics are not requirements to opt for this modality, but skills that can be acquired, such as what you are doing now – reading this post.


Consumer or customer

It is the one that consumes the digital products offered. But to do so, you have to find the content or tool you need, feel confident, and be able to shop digitally.


Do you realize that all that is gathered in the Affiliate program?

The platform offers ease and confidence, the Affiliate guarantees the curation of the digital products that best suit the public, and the producer has a much more powerful sales force in his favor than his individual attempt to convert his negotiations.


How to make money from the Affiliate’s point of view

The process is very simple and, as we mentioned before, it evolved according to the challenges and failures that appeared in Affiliate marketing, as in the case of identifying the origin of the sale.

Well, in the case of digital Affiliate programs, that problem was eliminated with a simple solution – cookies.

Cookies are small extensions of a link that direct navigation to a page already stored on the server. As if it were a super secret address of a store that, in order for you to enter it and consume, it is necessary to be invited first, do you understand?

Thus, an Affiliate program has a series of registered digital products, with differentiated conditions and commissions determined by their producers.


Which are the steps to follow?

The Affiliate organizes the items most compatible with their marketing strategy and with the target audience they want to work with or already have, in the case of influencers , for example;

From the moment you choose and accept it to make the disclosure, you receive a link with your particular cookie, which you must indicate to your customers each time you promote and make a sale;

With this link, customers can access a safe environment, choose their payment method and complete the purchase, which, when processed, will post the commission on the Affiliate’s invoice.

The way it works is simple, the experience of the Affiliate as a user of the platform is very easy, as well as the purchasing environment for the end customer.

Do you want to start making your affiliation? It really is a very fun and inspiring time, and it makes you imagine the success you can achieve, doesn’t it?

But first, it is necessary to know the most common types of programs to know how to work and earn money as an Affiliate, which ones are more compatible with your profile, and, of course, how to develop your own strategies.

So, we go to planning and organization which, incidentally, are essential in this market.


The 4 most common types of Affiliates

We can point out that this is the part of the financial strategy. By understanding the 4 main types of Affiliates, you will understand how they are paid, and therefore, which is the most compatible with your way of working:


Pay per click

Here, the goal is to get potential customers to click on the reported link.

For the digital producer, what matters is that the customer sees the information on the next page, but does not necessarily go ahead for a sale.

But to be profitable, it is necessary to make many clicks, that is, it is not enough to ask that favor only to friends on social networks and family members. To get a good return, the volume must be high.

Furthermore, clearly malicious actions, such as click fraud, are constantly combated.

Google AdSense is a very famous Affiliate program that uses the CPC method, and as expected, it is constantly searching to combat and eliminate such scams.

Many clicks originating from the same IP, for example, can be identified by your security systems. In addition to blocking the source of the suspicious clicks, this action also puts the Affiliate who owns the banner in the focus of the investigation.

Another illicit form that must be fought is trojans: a kind of program that uses IP addresses of different computers to practice clicks.

Despite being more difficult to detect, this fraud is also fought by the protection services and those responsible, who are often legally liable for the damage caused.


Remuneration per thousand impressions

The effort is even less, that is, the visitor does not even need to click on the link with the cookie, they only have to view it. Thus, if you have a blog, just place the banner with the access offer.

This model typically pays even less than pay per click, and looking at the current market, it is likely going extinct.


Remuneration for acquisition

As you can imagine, it remunerates its Affiliates for each sale made. It is the most common method and, most of the time, advantageous, considering the value of the commissions paid. It is also the method used on the Hotmart platform.

This method requires more attention and organization of the stages of the sale. Planning how to attract your customers, what communication channels to use, what should be the regularity of the contacts, among other details, are an essential part of the management.

Of course, when you work the pillars of digital affiliation well in those strategies, the amount of opportunities created is more interesting. It only remains to convert.

If you do not know or have doubts which pillars are those, we will tell you in the next topic.


Remuneration per lead

It is between the remuneration per click and per acquisition, and it remunerates the Affiliate according to the number of leads, or better, potential customers originated.

Thus, if an Affiliate promotes your link with cookies and they direct the user to a registration page, a lead was identified and the remuneration posted.

But few programs adopt this method.


The pillars of digital affiliation

Entering the world of Affiliate marketing is not complicated. Most platforms only require you to be over 18 years old.

But, then those who want to know how to work and earn money as an Affiliate just have to register and start sharing the link? Some people do, it’s true, and most of them give up in the first few days, because their offers are elegantly ignored, or only their parents and friends buy them.

It is not a sustainable scenario. So, to earn money as an Affiliate in this market, it is necessary to work its 4 pillars with 4 basic steps:


1st step: Find your audience

If you already work as an influencer, you are a specialist in some area or have a hobby, for example, you master a knowledge that may interest some people.

Could this knowledge help to solve the pains and needs of that public? If you master the culinary arts and love teaching basic techniques to teens and young couples, for example, you can have an audience there.

People who do not know how to cook, are young, recently married, live alone, do not know food and its properties – they are a type of public, and so you need to find out what yours is.

Considering areas that you master, it is easier to convey authority on the subject, understand what needs of your audience can be met with digital products, know which language is more appropriate, the contact channel and other details that your segmentation strategy allows to adapt.


Step 2 : Curating products and better Affiliate programs

With your audience defined, it is time to choose which digital products you should work on for your sale.

Choosing which Affiliate program you are going to sign up for is also important, after all, it must be reliable and compatible, both with your needs and those of your audience.

Evaluate what forms of payment she offers to the end customer, such as the Affiliate’s sales management system and what are the withdrawal options. If you sell outside of your country, some of them offer withdrawal in foreign currencies, for example.

With the ideal platform and affiliation of digital products made according to the needs of your audience, it is time to start outreach .


3rd step: Create content strategically

It’s time to build relationships and authority by offering good quality content, so let’s do it.

Creating a blog, an account on the social network and creating texts that attract, educate and convince the customer about the best solution to their problem, is a well-known concept of content marketing: the sales funnel .

In the funnel, the sales approach is much less aggressive, promotes a good learning experience and does not require large investments, only dedication to share good quality content.


To build the sales funnel, consider the following stages and incentive ratios:

Attraction: you can concentrate 80% of your content in this stage, explaining what are the pain experienced by your audience, market trends, easy solutions, homemade, professional, etc. That will attract the attention of a larger volume of stakeholders;

Nutrition and relationships: in the following 10% content, you will introduce the benefits and results that your audience would receive if they solved their problem. This stage will filter the initial group of the previous stage and will leave in your process only those who are interested in solving their problem, that is, with greater purchase potential;

Sale conversion: in the last stage, 10% of the content will present the product, talk about the differentials that this solution offers and, as you are an authority on the subject, why do you recommend it. The direct link of the Affiliate can appear at the end of these materials, which should be richer in details, examples of success etc.

After the funnel, more direct phone calls can be made, if the situation allows.

There is also another fundamental point for those who want to learn to work as an Affiliate: not to forget the growing aftermarket and frequent relations s , as well as being potential buyers for future deals, such customers can also make important information for your business.

Content marketing will create organic traffic, but you too can make small investments to promote your content with sponsored ads on Google and on social media to attract more stakeholders.

We will continue this topic in the following tips, better understand.


11 tips to earn money as an Affiliate

So far we have understood the mechanics of the Affiliate business and we even talked about some strategies to enhance its pillars, right? So now is the time to put a little more intelligence in the plays. Let’s go to the tips!


1. Describe who your ideal customer would be

Also called a buyer persona , this figure has all the characteristics of your ideal customer, that is, they need your product and exactly the way you offer it.

With this representation, you can make all your content and approaches thinking about it. Thus, you can adopt the correct strategies to reach your audience.


2. Think as if you were your client

Personalization is the lifeblood of the business! This little cliché serves to explain that the more aligned you are with the needs and behaviors of your client, the greater the probability of conquering it.

Thus, if your client uses social networks a lot, prefers to make payments with a credit card, does not like emails or things like that very much, personalize your approaches and the sales process .


3. Create content regularly

Your blog or other dissemination channel is one of your main tools and the frequency of publications is essential to maintain the relationships already created or to find new visitors.

In addition to showing that you are observing the market and are an authority on the subject, the regularity and quality of the publications are also positive for the ranking on Google and on social networks.

In short, producing relevant content and with good frequency ensures that your blog is among the top positions in Google and receives more organic visits. Maintaining engagement on social networks makes your publications remain in the feed of your customers. So keep interacting!


4. Make an effort to review digital products

When you publish or describe your digital products, try to make an interesting, immersive review. If you are suggesting a culinary recipe ebook, try to sharpen the reader’s senses.

If the topic is an English course, convey what it feels like to master the language for the job market or for travel. Customize the language and avoid the conventional. That will spark more interest in the potential buyer.


5. Use the less is more premise when choosing your digital products

When choosing the digital products that you are going to promote, do not exaggerate in the options.

Try to make a basic selection that allows you to make a good quality sales funnel. If you spread your attention over many items, you may not get any of them right.

A good idea is to think about your actions and campaigns periodically. Maybe 5 digital products in each cycle. How about?


6. Bet on newsletter and email marketing

Over time you will realize that your customer base will be increasing and if you want to earn money as an Affiliate, interacting closely with each one will be increasingly difficult. At that time, it is important that automation enters the scene.

Creating newsletters and using email marketing is a smart way to maintain frequent contact with your buyers.

In addition, with a good organization and even hiring some tools, you can segment your base and send personalized content according to each profile.


7. Consider investing in paid ads

Content marketing actions produce good organic traffic, but Google and social media algorithms limit the reach of your posts in order to improve your users’ experience.

But such platforms also offer solutions for those who want to stand out: sponsored ads and links .

You can spend a sum to make your ads appear prominent in Google search results or in the public feed of the social networks most compatible with your offer.

But, remember that the value will be deducted from your profits; therefore it has to be well planned and directed.


8. Evaluate the actions of your competitors

In every market there are competitors, direct or indirect. If you want to earn money as an Affiliate, you need to know what yours are doing to convince your customers that your offer is the best.

In this sense, it is necessary to understand that, in some cases, your competitors will sell exactly the same digital product and their differential will be, essentially, customer service and relationships.


9. Measure the results of your campaigns

If you chose 5 products to work with, you created a sales funnel for each one, you are working with paid ads, you have a blog and social networks, measure and evaluate the performance of everything.

Choose some metrics , separate the results of each of those elements. That will help you understand what is working and what needs improvement. It is much more efficient for your management.


10. Understand that good relationships are everything

Don’t think that the sale is the end of the line. You worked so hard to win that client and you know they liked your offer, so optimize those relationships to the fullest.

Keep a personalized newsletter for old customers, consider doing special promotions for them, keep in touch through social networks, ask about their satisfaction with the product and write down all the new information collected. That will allow you to find new sales opportunities.


11. Choose the best digital Affiliate platform

All this will require an environment, an ally that transmits trust and a selection of digital products that your customers like.

But … How to do all that? What to evaluate? Is the curation of products enough or better to focus your attention on the size of the commission?


The digital Affiliate platform

The answer to all those questions is a thorough evaluation and search for the solution that has the greatest benefit package for you and your client.

It is necessary to remember that it is your authority that is being put at stake, is it not? So, it is a good idea to establish a line of criteria and priorities that will influence your choice. Among them, consider those that:

Have digital products with good acceptance in the market , which indicates that the platform attracts good producers and has know-how for their dissemination;

Offer support and knowledge base for their Affiliates , guaranteeing that they can evolve in their strategies and resolve doubts whenever they need it;

Offer flexible forms and methods of payments ;

Present data security policies for their producers, Affiliates and customers;

Have a friendly and easy-to-manage platform.


The perfect time and ally to put all this into practice

Entrepreneurship digitally has its advantages, of course! Everything is closer to you, from content like this, which explains in detail who the participants of that market are, their indicators of success and formulas to create strategies, and even the necessary tools, such as digital Affiliate platforms.

So if you can carry out the project, plan your business and choose a reliable Affiliate platform, those are probably the keys to success, right?

Did you see that working and earning money as an Affiliate is not complicated? We are sure that some ideas in this post must have got you excited because they are completely aligned with your digital project. So don’t waste time! We have a free Affiliate guide that explains how to make your first sale. Download yours and get started right now!

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