How to Improve Memory and Increase Your Productivity

Have a better memory and concentration also depend not only on the development of our brain but also that much we exercise it. To learn how to improve memory there are many tricks and exercises which will help you not only have the ability to remember better but also serna very good for improving intelligence and ability to concentrate.


There are two memory types one is long term and another is short – term memory, both are very important and in some people a situation where long – term memory works well and memory and short – term memories occurs are not well memorized.


Tips to learn how to improve memory

If what you want is to improve long-term memory there are many tips, but these exercises are very simples and if the habit of making daily is generated can help a lot to improve intelligence and overall development of the brain and improve other skills as it can be generally memory, concentration, creativity, etc.


Before making any techniques to improve memory what you should do is make a medical checkup on mental health problems, maybe if the person lacks completely this memory having the first symptoms of a disease like Alzheimer’s can be. It is therefore important to know the source, or perhaps is in need of exercise brain functions.


If you want that know how to improve memory is best to do exercises metals, one of the best known is the Loci method, or just what you can do it is pay attention to things and objects and then try to remember them. Create the habit of daily reading a book to read for twenty minutes every day can greatly help improve memory and concentration, since reading the person is exercising various areas of the brain.

Exercises to improve memory

Exercises to improve memory

Both visualization exercises as association are best for improving both short-term memory and long term. Crossword puzzles, put together puzzles, reading, and intellectual activities do much to help improve memory.


Look at pictures of a trip or old exercise helps a lot to memory, and is one of the best techniques that helps to improve long-term memory. Since not only refreshes and brings into the present activities and events that were performed but also remembering people’s names and dates day situations. You can do this exercise twice a week and help a lot to improve memory long and short term.


To learn how to improve memory is also important to know that the brain is like a large library which in some cases stores information and it is difficult to remember, but the information is archived in the brain but thanks to some techniques can be exercised memory and make all the information that the brain stores every day can be remembered easily.

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