Winter Has Come – Create a Cozy and Warm Decor

The coldest season of the year is coming and a concern is always to keep children warm and cozy indoors, preventing colds and discomfort during sleep, which is essential for the little ones!


Also, winter can be a challenge for first-time mothers. Whether due to insecurity at bath time or choosing a trousseau that is functional, taking care of a baby on cold days is no simple task.


To avoid any kind of inconvenience, it’s better to have heat than not, isn’t it? And to get a sense of how to make your child’s room even warmer, you can follow our tips, check it out!


Cozy bedroom in winter with warm and colorful bedspread


Create layers to keep your child warm!

When sleeping, it is essential to ensure that the child is always well protected, which is why it is so important to think about the layers that will warm the little one at that time. So the choice of pajamas is essential.


The clothing your child wears to sleep should be soft to the touch and allow free movement during the night. If he moves a lot, we recommend that the set is long-sleeved and long pants, so even with intense movement, he won’t be unprotected. If the pajamas chosen are made of cotton, even better. Natural fiber is breathable, hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable, super suitable for dressing babies and children.


After choosing the ideal look, it’s time to start choosing the bed linen ! The main artifice to create a warm bed is to cover it in several layers. The first is always the sheet, but in winter, when you need to increase the heat, you can use other materials instead of cotton! Our tip is to use the elastic sheet made of plush.


Plush is a composition material of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, which makes it keep heat better. In addition, it has a fuzzy feel, which makes it super comfortable on the skin and still warms the child!


The second layer can be made using the cover sheet, for children who can’t do without the soft touch of cotton on their skin, or who are more allergic and prefer not to sleep directly with the blanket. In fact, the blanket is the indispensable layer for any winter bed!


If you prefer, you can also opt for the duvet . The pieces made of cotton with polyester filling are perfect to protect the little ones from the cold and have the advantage of having beautiful prints to choose from. A nice duvet can even add color to the room and replace the quilt when decorating the bed.


Finally, you can opt for the tents above the bed. In addition to being super high in the decoration, this extra layer creates a more cozy atmosphere and protects the bed from a wind that can enter through the crack in the window at night.


Childrens room with MOOUI seabed decor

Decorative accessories that heat up!

A cozy and warm environment doesn’t just depend on the child’s bed, there are other decor elements that can help you warm up at the coldest time of year and not everyone knows!


The floor is a big villain in winter, especially if your house has tiled floors or if your child has the habit of walking around barefoot. That’s why rugs are so important, and the best thing is to be able to cover the entire floor of the room with them making overlays, you should use and abuse this item.


There are two main options on the market, the first is playmats. Their great advantage is their easy cleaning and maintenance, just with a damp cloth it is possible to leave it without dust. They are also perfect for the child to play on, for example.


Already the cotton rugs , will leave the room with a more warm air. They have a super soft feel and are a delight to step on. The best are those that can be washed in a conventional machine, which brings even more convenience in a children’s room.


Also thinking about heating is essential to choose a beautiful curtain! Another layer of fabric makes the environment softer and warmer. The curtain also protects the child from unwanted winds that may come from the windows.


The pillows are also perfect to make the room even more pleasant. They complete the decoration of the bed and in winter the children also tend to sleep more cuddled together, so you can ask her help in choosing the preferred one.


Childrens room decorated with cosmos panel


Your final list for the winter room!

To help you produce a super cozy and warm room, follow our ideal winter list. Grab pen and paper, notepad or take prints so you don’t forget anything and already eliminate the items you already have lying around! Let’s go to the items then?


2 plush elastic sheets2 cover sheets2 children’s pillowcases1 lamb cover2 duvet covers 1 duvet filling1 toy pillow1 tent 1 pair of curtains1 playmat mat 1 cotton rug Lorena Canals


Did you like our decorating tips for the cold?

You’ve seen how various decorative objects and bedding can prepare your home for the coldest season of the year.


Winter can be a perfect time for you to get even closer to your children and create unforgettable memories in your home environments. Use and abuse the ideas we gave and adapt your routine! It’s gonna be awesome!


We hope that with our tips, the little ones are more protected from the cold with a lot of style, personality and warmth!

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