Country Decoration: How to Implement Country Style in Decoration?

With the help of bucolic elements, such as the rustic aesthetic or the feeling of comfort inherent to the use of wood, country decoration can appear in any space, in the countryside or in big cities.

Wood, however, is not the only raw material incorporated into the style. Patterned fabrics, stones and iron are also quite common components, as is the brick wall, which can also be painted over.

Although very similar to the rustic style, the country decoration prioritizes tranquility and coziness, characteristics common to inner cities, while the rustic decoration is more visually charged.

Check out, in this article, which elements you should prioritize so that the country style is highlighted.

Wood is the wildcard of country decoration

Wood is the wildcard of country decoration

It is possible to say that any country house has at least two or three wooden elements. In most cases, even this material is the protagonist of the environment.

It is usually used to frame spaces, appearing on walls or floors, as a base for decoration. It can also be implemented through furniture and decorative objects.

As it is very versatile, wood can appear in its natural state or finished, with finishes in varnish, stain , wax, acrylic resin and even white paint.

Wood is a wild element in country decoration.

Among the flooring options, vinyl, wood carpet, laminate and classic hardwood stand out. Among them, perhaps the simplest application is that of vinyl.

Meanwhile, the club, as it is produced in natural wood, is not suitable for humid environments, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Its maintenance, although necessary, will not be a concern for a long period of time.

Earthy colors arent your only option

Earthy colors aren’t your only option

So that the environment remains in balance, bet on fresh tones for the walls, curtains and bedding. Light green, blue and white contrast with the wooden elements.

Meanwhile, more expressive shades, such as red, terracotta or orange, can appear in decorative items such as pillows, lampshades, vases, etc.

Prints, on the other hand, play an important role in country decoration, because they can bring identity to environments, as in the case of chess, common to picnics and large green areas.

But remember to use the prints sparingly so that the design doesn’t look ridiculous.

Finally, flowers are used to color, soften and unite the external environment with the internal one, finishing off your project.

Invest in sturdy, classic furniture

Invest in sturdy, classic furniture

It is particular to this style that some classic and wooden furniture appear in the different rooms of the house. But, if your base is already made of wood, you can customize the furniture, so that the space maintains balance.

In the kitchen or dining room, for example, a good tip is to bet on a long table, for family meals, in the style of the farm’s outdoor areas. Chairs can even be painted white for contrast.

In the case of the living room, invest in classic sofa models, coffee tables and wooden side tables, to conquer the country atmosphere. In the rooms there are framed mirrors, dressers, armchairs and wooden chests.

It is important to realize, however, if the environment is not just rustic, if it lacks lightness.


About the finish of your country decoration

In the case of the dining room, you can add patterned cushions on the chairs or spread a flowered towel over the table.

For kitchens, think of a finish that matches the farm atmosphere of this style. It is quite common for some objects to be exposed, such as copper pans, crockery, wooden spoons, etc.

Rooms ask for handcrafted items such as embroidered bedspreads, small repainted bedside tables, custom photo frames, etc.

Living rooms can be finished with a nice plush rug on the wooden floor or with a white-painted brick wall, in contrast to the classic, well-finished furniture.

Straw or wicker baskets also appear as a wildcard object for any of these spaces. They can be redefined and even customized:

In the kitchen, they can become a fruit bowl, in the outdoor area they can be used as a cover for vases, in the bedroom or living room they can store blankets and blankets, etc.

But the completion will not be complete until the plans are integrated into the space. They bring color, life and texture to any area, but it’s important to look for species that survive indoors.

Okay, now you know the tools and can implement country style in any room in the house. Remember to emphasize the typical elements of the countryside, so that the environment becomes more and more cozy.

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